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Intermodal freight transport is the transportation of freight in intermodal cargo containers, using multiple modes of container transportation, including truck, rail, barge and ship. In this method of transport the actual freight itself is not handled as it is transferred from one transportation mode to another, but rather entire cargo containers and their contents are transferred from truck to rail, or from truck to barge/ship, or from rail to barge/ship, or from barge/ship to truck, etc.Some of the advantages of intermodal freight transport include:• Little or No Damage – When cargo is properly packed and sealed in a container, damage should not occur to the container’s contents during transit.• Labor Savings – The actual cargo is only handled at its point of origin when it is packed into the container and at its final destination when it is unpacked.

• Handling During Shipping Is Eliminated – Once the container is packed and sealed, that container won’t be opened again until it reaches its final destination.• Flexibility Regarding Types of Transportation – Containers can be transferred from ships to overland transport (trucks and trains) or even to barges for river transport. Barges are used to transport containerized cargo on major river systems like the Mississippi River in the United States and the Rhein River in Germany.• Specialized Containers – There are a wide range of containers designed to transport different types of cargo, including liquids, frozen goods, compressed or liquefied gases, fast freight and even mini containers for smaller loads of cargo. There are also special containers for transporting livestock, tilting containers which make unloading grain easier and faster, fan-tainers that can ventilate the cargo within with built-in blowers or fans, hang-tainers with hanging systems for garments, and even open-end containers designed to transport long items.• Little or No Theft/Pilferage – The likelihood of theft or pilferage is greatly reduced or even eliminated when cargo is shipped in sealed containers.• Time Savings and Improved Efficiency – The use of containers means ships or barges are loaded and unloaded faster which means less time in port and improved efficiency. Cranes can move containers rapidly from ship/barge to trucks or trains for delivery directly to inland destinations.Some disadvantages of intermodal freight transport include:• Not Suitable for Transporting Smaller Shipments – Containerization is often not practical for shipping smaller loads because the shipping costs are often too expensive for half container loads.

• Heavy Loads Can Cause Road Damage – Trucks hauling heavy containerized loads can cause additional wear and tear to road surfaces which increase maintenance costs. In the case of public roads and highways, these increased maintenance costs can result in higher taxes to individuals and businesses.• Delays in Deliveries – As has been experienced in Europe and elsewhere at various times, labor disputes or strikes involving dock workers at harbors or involving rail or trucking workers can delay deliveries.• Costs at Harbor – Dock dues can be expensive, especially when ships are forced to remain in port for extended periods, as can happen when cargo can’t be unloaded during labor disputes/strikes involving dock workers. In addition, the largest container ships used today require specialized deep-water terminals and handling facilities.

7 Tips for Choosing a Nationwide Car Transport Service for Your Auto Transport Needs | Transportation

Affordable rates combined with top-notch service are essential when choosing a nationwide car transport service. A premier company offers this, and more, for your auto transport needs. Here are 7 tips for choosing the right service provider.1. Look for First-Class Customer CareAn example of high quality customer service is prompt replies to any enquiries. A quality nationwide car transport service has sales professionals that contact you promptly.You simply input your name, email and phone number into their online form. Upon clicking your information through, they respond to address your auto transport needs.They also engage in premium customer care by providing free online quotes. In addition, they provide a nationwide toll free number.2. Look for Experience and Competitive, Affordable PricingConsider a company with years of experience shipping autos to different regions of the country. This experience and history of operation bespeaks satisfied customers. People continually use companies with an excellent track record of service at competitive rates.

A top company provides an online form where you can obtain a price quote. You input contact information, pick-up information, and drop-off information.Additionally, you input vehicle information, shipping information, and submit your quote request. They deliver you a fair and affordable price quote according to the information submitted.3. Look for a Service with Access to a Host of Licensed Interstate Car CarriersA leading auto transport service has direct access to thousands of licensed interstate car carriers. These are across the nation and combined they have thousands of authorized and insured trucks. Therefore, logistically, they can readily transport one or more vehicles, as you require.4. Look for a Variety of Premium ServicesPremium services include open transport, or enclosed transport door-to-door, nationwide. They also include multiple car, motorcycle, and oversized/non-standard vehicles transportation.In addition, a top auto transport company offers terminal-to-terminal service. They provide service to and from any terminal across the country.They also do fleet loads. This is for dealerships, corporate accounts, and special event needs.Furthermore, premium services include shipping of inoperable vehicles, and expedited pickup, door-to-door, nationwide. Expedited pickup is for customers with timeframe restrictions and urgent service needs.5. Look for Order Tracking CapabilitiesA fine nationwide car transport service lets you track where your car is at all times. They provide an online mechanism for doing so.In addition, they offer live shipping experts. You contact the company via toll free fax or telephone number or by email. They have a shipping specialist discuss with you your particular requirements.6. Look for Insurance CoverageChoose an enterprise that offers insurance as a protection for your assets. They only work with motor carriers that provide primary cargo insurance coverage for customers’ vehicles. Essentially, the motor carrier’s insurance is primary coverage to one’s own vehicle insurance coverage

7. Look for a Company that Provides Readily Accessible Customer TestimonialsThe best way to judge a vehicle transport enterprise is to read what others say about them. A company confident in their expertise provides online customer testimonials.These customer reviews give you an indication of the company’s service. They indicate exactly how they perform their service. Therefore, you make an informed decision about their service based on this information.Make note of the above tips for finding the right nationwide car transport service. An enterprise that offers the above provides you peace of mind concerning your auto transport needs. Their exemplary service at quality rates means your vehicle ships promptly and within your budget parameters.